"Rumps à Rennes" is a meeting of Sécur'insa around a series of “rumps”. Short presentations on a wide range of topics related to cybersecurity, OSINT, hardware, radio, defense, etc... We propose two formats:

  • 20-45 minute presentations to allow time to delve into exciting technical subjects.
  • 5-10 minute rumps in a more chill format.

Presentations may not be filmed at your request. We offer to record your passage, and then to discuss with you what to do with it: publication on Youtube (with or without censorship), use of the video solely by you, etc.

The slides shared here for posterity may as well be censored.

It is mandatory to submit your long presentations and preferable to let us know of your intention to make a rump before the start of the event by e-mail, discord message or Twitter (Discord being where we are most active) but it is quite possible to find a small place for you in the program - however, we can't guarantee anything but don't hesitate to submit for one of our next events, we can very well organize an evening if we have enough speakers :p